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Avista Hospital Birth Story Louisville, Colorado

Updated: Feb 19

Kristina called me just after I had gotten home from school with the kids.

I was downstairs feeding my chickens and changing their water. I felt my pocket start buzzing. Then my watch.

I fumbled with getting my phone out of my back pocket. My pop socket always gets stuck. But damn, those things are handy.

I looked at me screen. When you are a mom of mine, you get put in my phone as 911MOM. I answered the phone, Kristina cool as a cucumber, announces that she is one her way to the hospital that is 30 min away. We had a storm coming, so she wanted to be safe.

I didn't want to miss it!!!! It was starting to snow at my house as I was heading to the hospital.

Also, 30 min away for me. I asked her to keep me up to date on what was going on, and that I was on my way. She let me know that they got checked in, and her doctor was on her way in. She said it might be a little bit. So I went to Subway around the corner and got dinner for myself. I sat in my Jeep and read a book while I waited to hear from her. I got the text........

The epidural is going to be placed soon. It's time. You can come up now.

I walked in to a happy Kristina enjoying an orange popsicle.

If you have ever delivered a baby in a hospital........

You know you can't have anything while in labor.


You can have a popsicle before getting stabbed in the back :)

She started to feel much better after the epidural kicked in.

Then that is when her and the babies blood pressure dropped for a quick second.

From my understanding, this is super common.

Her labor and delivery team was amazing and so kind!

I didn't want to disturb the anesthesiologist while he was placing the epidural.

So I hung back and out of the way. This being my first birth.

I didn't want to step on any toes. When I turned around, the mirror offered an awesome view of what was going on.

I want to tell they entire story.

A quick pop of her water, and we were on our way!

There are a lot of amazing pictures between the one above...... and the one bellow. But I want to give Kristina a little modesty.

Her doctor quickly handed him off to Kristina. He was covered in vermicelli.

The first time you get a really good look at your baby.

Welcome to the world Everett!



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