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Day 1 Homeschooling, running and social distancing in a Colorado Coronavirus Pandemic

Day one of homeschooling

Day 17 of at home quarantine with 2 kids and lab, that has a never ending supply of energy.

My girls were up early, dressed, hair brushed and looking nice and ready for the day.

At Least on the top half.

The bottom was still pajamas and socks.

My 2 daughters are pre-tweens, one in elementary, one in middle school.

It's been interesting to see the different communication styles between teachers and schools, even though they are within the same school district.

My inbox has never been so full!

We started our Monday morning with a bit of headache with WebEx.

After figuring out where the email was with all of the directions, Kylie was on her way with her first math class meeting.

Please excuse the landing area I like to call "My office"

Addy is set up downstairs in front of my big girl computer (what I use for my photography business) ready for her second WebEx meeting with her class of 26.

Her first Webex meeting was last Friday with 18 students checking in for the first time.

It was the equivalent of a bunch of hens in the hen house.

So Mrs. Melany wrangled the cats and got everyone muted.

Then went student by student, when they raised their hand with questions.

Addy was anxious and didn't say a peep Friday.

But she informed me today after her 1 hour class webex meeting,

that she talked this time and it went really well.

"Mrs. Melany read a story to us!"

This girl loves her teacher!

Addy quickly went through the rest of her schoolwork assignments.

By 2pm lunch was in the tank, and she was out the door to play and be a kid.

Kylie struggled through dividing fractions in math class. A subject she is quite good at.

Once she messed up a few times, she was on her way and the gears were clicking again. Having 2 weeks off built up a few cobwebs.

After she was done with her morning work, we had lunch outside and she asked me questions out of this fun book.

I took the dog for a run on the dirt roads. Summit and I need daily walks 😁

I was in the midst of training for my first Olympic distance triathlon before this pandemic hit Colorado. But in being a triathlete and finding the most growth at times of discomfort. I laced up my running shoes and started moving again.

You do not need a gym or equipment to work out.

You need to run out of excuses and move.

That being said, after a solid week of pouting about the pool being closed and eating my weight in Cadbury eggs, I needed to run.

My weekly goal for the moment is 10 miles a week ( 7 days) Monday- Sunday.

I want to keep my VO2 Max where it is, because I am dreading the

first day back to the pool.

I am going to drink half the pool and totally forget how to breathe.

So in the meantime I am going to focus on running, biking and doing bodyweight exercises and PT for my shoulders and ankle.

I also need to focus on another thing that I have been pouting about.

Not being in business.

My photography is "non-essential"😥

So today, I am going to start documenting our daily ventures with my camera.

Because, WHY NOT!

I am a documentarian after all......

So please enjoy my candid look at life and my terrible english.

Their teachers want the kids to do 15 min of free writing every day. GREAT!

So, I thought "why shouldn't I also be doing some free writing? "

While I am at it, maybe I could blog what we do each day to shed some light on how we are taking each day with a grain of salt and learning how to grow in a time of uncertainty.

So, welcome to our day 1

Minimal tears, lots of smiles, and only a few technical difficulties !

I have been challenging myself to show more movement in my images.

"Mom, look! I can give you a thumbs up!"
"With this toe too!"

Kylie is my creative child. Always ready with a made up game. Today's Game: Pick the shortest stick! Of course this is after she buried her feet in the cool sand and shoved leaf sticks in the sand of unknown lengths.

If you are on the ground, Summit will come to see what you are up to.

This was no different.

He quickly moved his way into the middle of everything, and started to

draw his stick of choice. After doing this three times.

He flopped down on to said "game board" and ended said "game."


My neighbor saved the day!

She had a spare can of Cream of Mushroom Soup!

Per our usual, we talked over the fence (6' apart) for probably an hour.

She also owns a small business and is feeling the stresses of the current times.

At Least until my kids and husband found me.

I was to busy getting a show n' tell from the other side of the fence.

The face to face adult conversation was SO NICE!

Tell me how you are coping?

What are some strategies that are working for your family?

What are you cooking for dinner? Here is a link to what we had for dinner: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/26609/hamburger-potato-casserole/#

My husband snaged 3 bags of potatoes last week. So I needed to find a dish to use them in before they started to get soft. I added a packet of ranch dressing powder mix to it as well. 3 out of 4 family members approved.

Here is to day one!

Cheers ya'll!



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