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Day 2 of the Shit Show (That's what I think this blog will be titled pretty soon) Covid-19 pandemic

I woke up to the shower kicking on at 8 am Thank God!

They were starting to smell ripe!

I laid in bed and watch Summit continue to snooze away.


The shower shuts off. I sit up to stretch and Summit spots me moving. He immediately rolls on to his tummy and starts army crawling towards me. I can't resist that squishy face. The door clicks open and then shuts. The shower kicks back on. I missed my opportunity to pee in my bathroom.


So downstairs to my husbands throne I went :(

School started off okay at first. Then Schoology (the program the kids are getting their school work from) stopped working! Again!

The system is being overloaded by all of the kids being on there.


So Addy attempted to do her math in a different program. Kylie sat in a Zoom chat with one of her favorite teachers Mr. Romig (Choir teacher) The kids within the chat where all on an ipad, so they were changing their backgrounds as he talked. I also realized I needed to face Kylie a different way so that I am not braless in my PJ's with crazy ass hair in the background vacuuming!

She really enjoyed the face to face conversation.

One of Kylie's friends is hearing impaired.

So they have and ALS translator that is also in the chats.

Kylie enjoyed that Zoom chat even more.

Kylie has been teaching herself ALS for 2 years.

She watches the translator like a hawk in the classes she is in to pickup the signs for words. After her last Zoom meeting she went in to Schoology to open her work.

The dam thing was crashed again and the kids couldn't get on.

So Addy had an impromptu hair appointment with Ms.KJ while she did her math homework.

That little break also reminded them about lunch. I started calling out what was left in our diminishing supply. Kylie called the mini raviolis and Addy went for the can of condensed minastorni. She let me know when I got back from my run that it wasn't good at all. But she ate it anyways. Desperate times, teach you to not be picky.

Kylie thinking spraying her sister down is hilarious!

Summit saying "Hello!" to Addy after we got back from out run.
Summit's favorite toy

He will do anything for attention. That includes tripping you.
Then eats your feet!

It was so nice out today! I wasn't going to run. But I needed some separation from my kids and house for a bit. Summit and I put out a very slow 2.6 miles (If you would like to keep up, I rand 3.5 yesterday) day 2 total = 6.1 miles

I stayed up way to late last night watching the biggest time suck ever!

YouTube! But I am super thankful for the wealth of advice that comes from there.

I watched this video

https://youtu.be/1iODncOLJnk on strengthening the supporting muscles around the IT band.

If you are a runner.

You know where that is.


Mine currently feels like it has a bruise on it.

It was warm enough today to wear a tank top out running. Also sunny enough to give me a little sunburn.

I am trying to do 1 self portrait a day. I also need to exist in pictures.

I had surgery on my right ankle a little more than 3 years ago, and I am having complications do to it. The arch of my foot has 2 rock hard cysts in the bottom of it. When I run, I get another fun pocket of something that swells on the inside of my right foot as well.

It is gone each morning (shrug)

My options from a podiatrist was to have that section of my arch removed. Ya NO!

So I stretch my arch and calf out in a brace that holds an ice pack every night. My awesome husband always offers to rub my bad foot. I rub some CBD/THC salve on it, and it has kept them from growing more.

Exercising can be such a double edged sword. It's great for you heart and mentality.

But so band on my damn foot, knee and ankle.

I am not the only one that moves their house plants outside on a sunny day :)

So much of photography is waiting for the moment to happen.... Hi!

Kylie cam upstairs to show me her 3D grass cube
She never stops creating!

The girls had a long day today with Schoology not working on and off. I moved Kylie to the other side of the table so I can still be a scary mom in the background :)

But then that led to those two fighting every two seconds.

"She touched me!" "She moved my paper!"

"She took my pencil!"

"She touched my screen!"

I yelled "Shut up so loud the kids next door, shut up!"

Kylie's resolution... Giant box of sugar bars as I call them, set up in between them.

Great solution.

For 3....2....1.... "She touched my box!"


Outside I went to throw the hippo for the dog for the millionth time. 4pm ish

Insert children eating the cereal bars that were supposed to be for our Moab trip
Insert the dog. Because..... it's Summit

Our local fox's got scared out of their den again tonight. The pregnant female ran off.

The male sat in the field tell the people with 2 flushing dogs left again. Kylie screamed for who knows what and the fox turned as I snapped a picture.

These are the prettiest dang weeds!

This person flies by our house often. I am strongly thinking about investing in one of these just to escape.

The Pink Hippo of Summit's he finally dropped it

Addy's class project at the moment.

The neighbors dog was out front.

If there was ever an expression of how schoolwork is going. This is 8pm

I needed out of the house, and had a serious hankering for a blizzard.

So we went to the most popular place in town. A sweat wrap up to day 2


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