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Wednesday! Still staying at home: A Colorado Covid-19 Blog (Day 3)

Updated: Apr 14

My husband woke me up early with the smell of coffee wafting in to the bedroom at a quarter to 7. I decided I wanted to watch Good Morning America by myself for a bit. When I walked out to the kitchen I startled Kylie already up and working her assignments. She is my early riser like her daddy. Addy would sleep tell 11am if I allowed her to. But for now alarm clocks are set at for 8am

Not a darn thing but bad news was on. But I did enjoy Lara Spencer's dog eating her hand in an attempt to keep him quiet while she did Pop News!😂🤣

As a fellow resent puppy owner. I feel your pain. You did great!

I was putting my bike trainer back outside when I saw our camping hammock. I knew the girls swing set had the carabiners to attach this hammock as a big swinging chair. Out the door Kylie went with her ipad.

At some point in the afternoon the girls went missing.

I found them in Addy's room making "steering wheels" My hoarder child Kylie has been collecting toilet paper rolls out of the trash cans for a while.

I didn't know that.

Now I put them on the counter for her collections. She wanted to make these for our Moab trip.

Summit supervised

I realized I have a problem seeing all of my sunglasses lined up on the railing.

I had the girls ride their bikes today while Summit and I ran 3.3m

The temp reached 70 here.

The girls asked if we could go see if a local park was open.

We headed that way.

We arrived to the park equipment wrapped up in caution tape and orange fencing.

It was sad and had this eerie feeling to it.

Jeremy rescued us by swinging into king soopers to get dinner for us.

He found plenty of ground beef.

So I made hamburgers out of our left over Beacon and what was left of our cheese.

I had bought Jeremy some jalapeno flavored bacon earlier that week that we didn't finish at breakfast. So I dice that up and put that and his hamburgers.

It added a nice little extra kick.

I also cut off all of the extra fat off of the Bacon and I toss each piece in Brown sugar.

Turn the oven on to 425 and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Cook the pieces of fat for about 10 minutes or until they are 80% done.

Pull them out and let them cool down on the stove.

You end up with candied bacon.

Jeremy also picked up fresh corn on the cob. I have a stash of quick pasta salads to make in my cabinet. So bacon ranch pasta salad was the winner.

We had a quick easy dinner and went back outside to enjoy the sunshine while the temperature dropped.

Kylie found a massive pile of ants. So we put the dog inside and let the chickens roam free for a bit and eat the ants.

Kylie continued to enjoy the camping hammock.

She insisted I sit down to see how she is all cozy.

The sun slipped away behind storm clouds.

You could see it raining on Boulder and the foothills.

Dam I was really enjoying the sunshine.

Summit enjoyed a good game of drop kick the Jolly ball

Addy continued to struggle along with different programs not working all day.

She went into her room in hopes of finding a quiet spot to do her work.

She was super disappointed again today after her WebEx meeting got canceled.

She was looking forward to seeing her class.

Hopefully day 4 will go better 🤦‍♀️


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